We are in the cleansing phase of crypto – where the alts that should never have had high value are steadily bleeding out. This cleansing is a necessary step to enable the next step up for Bitcoin.


In the past 30 days, Bitcoin is up 7.2% and only 5 coins have performed better than Bitcoin in fiat value change. And of those, only Litecoin has a market cap that puts in among the major coins. All other coins have lost value compared to Bitcoin. During this same time that Bitcoin is +7%, Bcash is -20%, for example.


This phase is a healthy and necessary and welcome cleansing of the market. When it completes, Bitcoin will take its next leg up in value to new ATH.


  1. People see value in alt when there’s none for the most part, marketing team are doing their job and help pump scam coin. Those who control those alt then trade them for BTC and cash out or pump their coin again.

    The current drop is probably due to the pump of December in many alt. Inflation is back in a crooked way

  2. I think there are several valuable alts that haven’t been performing as well as BTC. I think it’s a lag, and they’ll surge again, but nobody really knows. That’s why you hold the majority in BTC/ETH and “diversify” into a few riskier picks


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