Security Question about XRP


XRP is a digital asset generated for the future use of many, many years. I know this is an issue for every cryptograhpic use but I am very interested in knowing especially for XRP: if quantum computers will succeed and they will allow an incredible amount of processing, it is most likely that existing cryptographic uses have to be redesigned. Will rpx or the protocols around it be updated? Is it even possible to add those security measurments, what would be the impact on exchanges and customers?


  1. Ripple accounts can be re-keyed and new algorithms can be introduced using the amendments mechanism (like ed25519 was introduced for example).

    The impact would be that all account holders likely will need to sign 2 transactions (enabling the new, quantum proof keypair and disabling the by then unsafe old keypair) and get them validated.

  2. Nothing needs to be redesigned. XRP Ledger is open source and Ripple improves it with the time making it better and better, so they will just improve the code.


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