Question about VeChain’s blockchain


Please don’t downvote me right away, I’m just trying to learn something.

After researching for awhile I’ve come to learn that VeChains blockchain is more on the centralized side(Proof of Authority where VeChain essentially decides the 101 Authority Nodes). This was alarming at first but my research also concluded that it was necessary in order to ensure stability and proficiency in the infant stages of a blockchains life. This centralized structure was also needed because if how VET will be used/implemented in the numerous enterprises they’ve partnered with.

So the question is, how does VET ensure immutability/trustlessness while having a centralized hierarchical system? Or is what I stated in the previous paragraph wrong?


  1. VeChain realised that there are problems inherent to both fully centralised and fully decentralised approaches. Their solution is a balance between the two, which we can see to be well recieved by their target enterprise market by rock solid adoption so far.

  2. They hand pick the 101 authority nodes. Who they are will be made public.

    So if some of the 101 authority nodes are also big users of the VeChain block chain, then they want to make sure there are no issues.


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