potential blockchain use in Homelessness sector


Hi Guys,

I’m usually more a reader then an active member. I’ve been following ethereum since 2016, I’m also a data scientist working in the homelessness sector in Melbourne Australia. At the moment things seems to have aligned and my new General Manager is also interested in blockchain technology. He’s keen to develop relationships with local universities to look at ways to improve the support we provide to the most marginalised people in our community.

In my mind aggregate efficiency could be greatly increased in our sector – viewing it as a logistical problem.

Clients have a particular need We can provide / support / financial assistance.

My question to you is are we far enough advanced for me to be seriously looking at this? It’s a change in thinking to go from potential to what is currently possible. I’d really appreciate any thoughts and what my initial focus could be to attract possible links with universities etc – in light of what’s currently possible in this space.

Cheers, Kaneen74


  1. My gut reaction is it sounds like you and your boss are “into the blockchain” because of all the money/speculation/coolness factors… but do you understand the value underneath it? What problems in your sector could it solve (that non-blockchain IT cannot)?

    Without knowing the problems it’s hard for an engineer to suggest solutions.


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