-OWN DATA-Data network has AIRDROP, get 100 coins for sign up



I will not go into detail with the quality of the project and their ICO, as that is not important because you are not investing anything but time. This is just to get some free coins when they get listed on exchanges. All you have to do is sign up for an account and join telegram group.

This is not huge earning at the moment, but holding on to them could get you some crypto in the near future. When you do this for 2-3 months you will always have some income to play with or to boost your Ether address with tokens or other cryptocurrency.

Referral link is always included as that way you usually earn more and this is sort of my payment for filtering out the spam and using my time to spread the word. You are always welcomed to do the same.

I would recommend making new email just for airdrops as they contain spam.


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