Is there any way I can recover my XRP?


Hello, a few months ago I started using Poloniex without knowing it had such a terrible customer service, I transferred 23 XRP because it said that I needed 20 XRP in order to have an active XRP address, but when I did, it only showed 3 XRP, I withdrew them, but now the other 20 XRP are “missing”, when I search my address on the Ripple Network, they’re still there but they don’t show on my balance in Poloniex.

So I just wanted to know if there’s a way to recover those XRP.

Here’s the screenshot of my XRP address:


  1. They are tied to your wallet as unusable funds. Later when the price of xrp gonna be higher they gonna reduce the amount needed to use wallet and some of the xrp there might be usable at that stage. But as far as i understand they are stuck there for good.

  2. Poloniex accounts don’t require the minimum 20 XRP. They use pooled addresses with large amounts of XRP and then credit your account with the appropriate balance. I’ve withdrawn XRP to zero several times from Poloniex. You’ll have to rely on their customer service to fix this.


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