How to adequately protect my Bitcoin wallet seed?


This is what I am doing:
I use a 2 of 6 multisig wallet. The seed for each cosigner is encrypted in a Word file with a unique password. All the word files are then zipped together using another encryption password.
Apart from keeping this zipped file locally, I also keep a copy in the cloud (protected with 2FA) just in case my computer dies.
Should this be adequate?


  1. Yes fair enough. But instead of keeping in the cloud you better use an encrypted USB stick hidden somewhere.
    I use also steganography.
    [Example here](
    There are many apps that do that, one can be this
    Once you have a file with encrypted seed, you could post it online, keep it on your website, stored in a picture frame, in plain sight, accessible anytime, from anywhere.
    I used also a wallet seed in plain sight, in a long text, inserting the seed words in specific places that I only know. That text can be posted on your website, forum, email sent to your family, whatever online posting, from where you could recover anytime, anywhere, in plain sight, nobody will suspect that. Even in this text here, now, I could inserted 12 words seed and nobody can crack it. But only me can recover it anytime.
    Be inventive, there are many ways to hide your wallets.


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