Has any business/bank actually lowered their fees after using Ripple?


I understand many fintech institutions/banks that have announced Ripple integration are still in testing, but are there any businesses that have actually lowered their fees on international payments due to Ripple (I’d imagine fintech institutions would be first, as they have less red tape)? If not, when can we expect it, and realistically by how much will fees drop?

Being in South Africa, we get charged exorbitant fees to make international payments, which for the most part is strictly done via SWIFT. It would be great to see some real-world fee reductions on any of the current projects, as it would bode well for any banks that pick it up in South Africa.


  1. RBC is also on there RippleNet Advisory Board.


    Since 2015, Ripple and an advisory team made up of a diverse set of leading transaction bankers have been building the Rulebook, a common framework that ensures operational consistency and legal clarity for every transaction. This group actively advises on maintaining and enhancing the rules and standards as RippleNet grows.

  2. Uhh, well here in the UK we have had free and instant transfers up to ÂŁ99,999 to any other domestic bank for about 10 years now. Just waiting for Ripple to work it’s magic so we can do the same with cross border. 🙂

    Transfers to and from domestic bank accounts to places like PayPal, revolut etc are supposed to be instant but can take up to two hours. In PayPal’s case it’s generally instant unless you have been doing something shifty with your paypal account.


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