Gym Rewards


To make sure that we have a smooth and secured ICO we have come up with some ground rules. Please follow these to make sure that you are able to participate and be safe.

Token sales will be at 10,000,000 GYM Tokens per day. More tokens available the next day.
ONLY buy tokens from this website. Make sure you always look at the link. It should always be from the domain.
Do not invest to wallet addresses sent via Telegram, Slack, Twitter or any other social network.
ICO Token sales will be open and close during specific times, the counter will announce the next opening time.
Minimum purchase amount will be 0.1 ETH, Max amount will be 50 ETH
All countries can participate, except for United States Residents who need to be accredited investors to participate. Becoming an accredited investor is not a difficult process.

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