– a site dedicated to the tracking and use of faucets


Hey everyone! I know a number of cryptocurrency fans love using faucets as a way to supplement their accounts. Faucets, by design, require a bit of a waiting period and sometimes you can lose track of where they’re at and when you’ve last visited. I was making use of a few myself and decided I wanted a better way to track them, so I designed a site to do just that.

Litecoin Dashboard:

This site is being managed by myself and I’m attempting to keep the faucets updated as I visit them. However, some may be not be operating the same as the site states at times. Also, if I’m missing any I’d love to add more to the list! Formatting should work well on both desktops and mobile devices but I’m aware it’s not perfect yet and am still working on getting a few of the smaller layout bugs worked out.

I’d love to hear what people think about it and if there are any suggestions that would be useful I’ll attempt to integrate them. Also, if you feel so inclined, the site has donation addresses listed at the bottom for accepting donations.

Thanks, and enjoy!

Note: As always, these faucets survive on donations. If you find they’ve been useful, please help keep them filled up for other new people in the community. They are maintained by some very generous donations. While I am asking for donations for my site, I do plan on giving back some of what is donated to the faucets to help keep them alive!


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