Crypto Taxes using Coinbase/GDAX (USA)


Hello Litecoin reddit,

I bought and some LTC in 2017 using Coinbase and GDAX. I am not too clear on how taxes work in the USA for cryptos.

I’ve made trades where i gained profits, lost profits, and gained profits back.

I do have an accountant that will be doing my taxes, he may not be educated on how crypto taxes work.

I wanted to ask, for those that did their crypto taxes in the USA and had an accountant, what information did you provide your tax accountants with.

Did you provide your tax accountant information on every crypto transaction you made in 2017. Or did you simply calculate your net profit or losses for 2017, and provided your accountant with one number($USD). I am not too clear how detailed i should report the information to my accountant.

Your help is appreciated.

Thank You!



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