Coinbase just announced their new “Tax Center” – Still an attractive proposition for XRP adoption?


Admittedly it only effects the US market so far, all trades are recorded and given to the IRS. Could this do more damage to XRP if it were listed, than Coinbase not listing XRP?

If Twitter comments give any indication of the general reception, this may be Coinbase’s “myspace” moment. I’m not a US resident, but if I were I would no longer choose to use Coinbase as every trade is taxed, rather than profit and loss.



  1. As a US citizen, EVERY trade on ANY exchange is taxable. Has nothing to do with the exchange or platform. If you don’t declare them, they will catch up to you one day. The US is going to have to figure out exactly what crypto is and maybe the have to define it as a new asset class. But as of Jan 1st this year, every single trade is a taxable event.


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