Bolero (easy version) is now part of the field! Windows 10 64 bit install guide


**Windows 10 install guide: 64 bit only**
1) First connect to your router and open ports in the port forwarding section. Open command prompt, type ipconfig, and usually the ipv4 default gateway is what you type in your browser with “http://” to connect to your router. Open ports below.
– UDP 14600
– TCP 15600
– TCP 16600
2) Install C++
3) You probably installed java before but if you did it automatically it may have installed the 32 bit. Go to add remove programs and uninstall your java. RESTART. Install the 64 bit java below. Windows offline 64 bit.
5) Download bolero (yup the win 32!) from:
6) Unpack and run “”
7) Click settings and attach your address
8) Done.
9) to see other nodes in the field and it’s just fun to see.



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