[blockie-picker] A visual vanity address generator (bug fixes and security update)


[blockie-picker](https://eth-button.github.io/blockie-picker/) is a visual address generator for Ethereum.

I posted about this before, and some helpful community members brought a couple issues to my attention that have now been fixed.

* [Bug Fix](https://github.com/eth-button/blockie-picker/issues/2): There was an issue with my implementation of my own [blockies library](https://github.com/eth-button/lib-blockies). I was passing in the checksum addresses rather than the raw address. The difference in mixed case vs lower case resulted in identicons generated that did not match what was shown by other implementations. I fixed this upstream by ensuring that all addresses provided to the generator are forced to lowercase.

* [Security Update](https://github.com/eth-button/blockie-picker/commit/ed6a06948908a76bea317027423c4d80a5e4d660#diff-168726dbe96b3ce427e7fedce31bb0bc) This was a mistake on my part. I accidentally left a testing change in the release! This resulted in downloaded addresses always being saved with the password `testpassword`, rather than the provided password. If you downloaded a wallet from the site (or created one locally), I recommend importing it into MyEtherWallet or MyCrypto and saving it again with a proper password. So long as the wallet file itself has not been compromised, the severity of this security bug is minimal.

Thank your support so far! Please also take a look at my [other repositories](https://github.com/eth-button). I plan on adding a few more over time, to provide more and more small units of composable utility. Feel free to follow me on github or here on reddit, or to PM me if you have any questions/comments/concerns. PRs/issues are always welcome! Now that I have managed to get my notifications on github sorted out, I shall respond to them promptly.

Thanks again!


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