Announcing – a new way to secure your XLM with MultiSig and Two-Factor-Auth


Announcing – a new way to secure your XLM with MultiSig and Two-Factor-Auth


**What is it?** is a way to protect your XLM from hackers and thieves by using Stellar’s own multi-sig protocol combined with two-factor authentication.

**Why do I need it?**

Do you ever get a pit in the middle of your stomach when you copy your secret key in order to make a transaction or sign into a wallet, knowing that you might lose all of your XLM if a thief gets ahold of it? If so, then StellarGuard can help you!

**How does it work?**

First, sign up for a free account at

Next, set up multi-sig on your Stellar account and add your StellarGuard public key as an additional signer (we make setting this up easy). Now your account is protected by StellarGuard.

Now, instead of submitting a transaction to the normal Stellar network, you’ll submit signed transactions directly to StellarGuard. If you have a verified email, you’ll be sent a link with an authorization code in order to authorize that transaction. For enhanced security you may add an authenticator to your account which requires entering a rotating 6-digit passcode in order to sign in and authorize transactions. After a transaction is authorized, it is signed by the StellarGuard and submitted to the Stellar network.

**How much does it cost?**

StellarGuard is currently free! If paid plans are introduced in the future, you will ALWAYS be able to deactivate StellarGuard and remove the signers from your account, even if your account is not paid.

**Is this a wallet?**

Not really. It doesn’t provide much of the functionality that a wallet does. Instead it focuses on the one thing that it should be — securing your XLM. In fact, StellarGuard was designed to work with existing wallets. Any wallet that is capable of showing you the signed transaction XDR before submitting it to Stellar can be used.

Additionally, Wallet developers can integrate directly with the StellarGuard API and submit transactions — that way your users will not need to take any additional steps. If you’re a wallet developer, send me a message here or email to discuss integration or check out the FAQ item about wallet developer integration at:

**What happens if you shut down?**

StellarGuard plans to be in this for the long haul. But if you don’t want to trust me, then you are always able to add a “Backup Signer” to the account. This is a 2nd public/private key combo that you control and keep in a secret spot in case of emergencies. This will enable you to remove StellarGuard multi-sig even without going through StellarGuard to do it.

**Call to Action for Wallet Developers**

If you’re like to integrate with the StellarGuard to submit transactions, send me a message on reddit or email I’ll add a page for compatible wallets (wallets where users can copy signed XDRs) and add special featured slots for those who seamlessly submit their transactions to StellarGuard via its API.

For more information, check out or see the Stellar Build Challenge post at

Also special shout out to /u/b1tcc for making this amazing logo (if you look in the galactictalk post you can see the original, horrible logo that I made myself).


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