XRP is where BTC was in 2015. Show patience people of Zerpland!


Flat line with some momentum was where BTC was until 2015. 2016 for BTC is what 2019 is going to be for XRP. The year of mass adoption. 2017 for BTC is 2020 for XRP. The year when it takes off like its a dream run. All one needs is patience. If you dont have it, come back next year.


  1. There’s absolutely no rule that says this is true. If hope was a force then yup, sky rocket but hope, guess, hunches, thoughts, Elliott Wave Theory, T.A’s and my two crystal balls are worthless when predicting the price of XRP in the long term. I’m heavily invested in XRP, ‘maybe’ 5 to 10 bucks in a few years time, It’s still a lot better than the fucking shares I invested in!


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