1. > The best for cold storage and other advantages and tools.

    I know a better way. Use a pen-drive.

    > All folks know that Microsoft is centralized.

    You do understand why Linus Torvalds bears the title of “benevolent dictator”, right? You do know that Linus has the last word when releasing a kernel, right?

  2. The windows vs Linux stuff is stale bullshit of the past. It is no longer a relevant comparison. The 2 os in qiestionnhave grown so far beyoned a comparison its silly.

    Microsoft’s main business is cloud hosted productivity suite and identity management and security along with cloud datacenters with azure cloud hosted application stack, PowerShell and so on. Their stack literally includes and.embraces Linux now so it’s so stupid. I can spin up a Linux vm in azure and script it with PowerShell and all kinds of other amazing techniques.

    This anti Microsoft fud is a nonsense relic of the past, especially when taken with the fact Microsoft at least has one group of people there that is directly experimenting with using bitcoin for their identity platform.

    This post is ilconceived nonsense

  3. I removed the Microsoft virus from my computer’s 4 years ago, haven’t looked back since. There are easy to use Linux distros that everyone should try to use.

  4. I love Linux, but I still suck at understanding what I’m doing. I’d like to understand Wine better. But my real problem is in Microsoft Office tools- like many workplaces, mine uses them, and too often I have compatibility issues with Libre Office.

  5. Windows will be going to subscription based model eventually so you might as well learn how to run a Ubuntu machine before you get to pay $15 a month for your OS. LUL


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