1. just watched it on hbo go. he covered the basics accurately and its potential. said companies like walmart, IBM, JPMorgan are using it. his theme at the start and the end was that it is very difficult to predict the future as it relates to technology. “you need to be careful”

    said: “no one yet knows what blockchain is really capable of it”

    he accurately covered that people are making a ton of shitcoins that have no value. and that they can rocket in value despite being a joke like dogecoin. he also covered pump and dump groups and scams like bitconnect.

    covered these terms:







    near the end:
    “i am not saying that every cryptocurrency is a scam. i am saying that in speculative mania it can be very difficult to tell which coins are for real”

    could be investing in Google or investing in Google glasses was the final message at the end by Michael Keegan as he rightfully lampooned Carlos Matos’ infamous speech.
    “never invest anymore than you are willing to lose” in that bit.

    overall i think it was well done and accurate. i would say its good for Bitcoin but bad for shitcoins and scamcoins trying to dupe newbies.


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