[SERIOUS] Give me your best XRP FUD.


Someone did this in the Nano sub (I don’t hold Nano but I’m subscribed) and I thought it was interesting. You know you have a solid position if you can argue for the *other* side and make the doubters’ and haters’ argument better than they can.

Or if you’re brave enough to voice your own doubts, so you can see if you can defeat them instead of ignoring them.

Intelligent FUD please. We don’t really need the usual *banks won’t use XRP* FUD because we have to answer it all the time, although if you really think many banks won’t use XRP you can certainly say so and say why.

Devil’s advocate anybody?


  1. It’s centralized and a for profit company, thus stunting growth over time without open source community support is my only objection to ripple. Not really FUD though just not something I’m interested in holding in my portfolio.

    Fuck all your downvotes for my honest opinion 🖕🏼🖕🏼

  2. People say the big transactions of FI’s will rise the price. But – their transaction is just a buy (potentially driving the price up) followed by a sell (driving the price back down).

    Having said that I just bought 3k more XRP 🙂

  3. banks getting involved in the crypto market will lower the price volatility as they have manditory sell off points to protect their investment and the banks fundings, so if they are unrestricted and own alot of xrp, they will be forced to sell by their board on market from time to time, so we will nolonger gain 1000% in a few weeks

  4. FUDder in disguise is coming here to get XRP supporters to doubt their own investment. His teammates come disguised as XRP supporters to align with him giving “credit” to his efforts.

    If they put themselves through all this trouble, we must be on the right path.

    They’re coming, and they’re coming in waves!

  5. The Ripple ledger can transfers all digital assets, not just XRP. There is a possibility that another crypto, for example bitcoin with lightning/other 2nd layer chains will be used as the standard for payments/cross border value transfer/settlement, even if its on the XRP ledger and through fintech systems designed by Ripple.

    What is the price ceiling for XRP? With only 4sec transaction times, theoretically speaking one could conduct 21600 transactions per day. If XRP value is $1, and let’s suppose 1bn XRP has been bought by market makers and placed in an extremely liquid fund where this $1bn is always available in the order books for bank cross border transactions, one could theoretically transfer a max of $21.6T of value per day just from $1bn liquidity. So how high does XRP price really have to go? I suppose that depends on investor appetitr and other use cases.

  6. *XRP will never fully be decentralized as long as Ripple holds 51% or more of XRP. Yes it is in an escrow account with a billion XRP being released every month, but there is no transparency on what the XRP is being used for. We assume Ripple sells XRP to the banks, market makers, etc, but how do we know they are not pocketing a certain amount every month?*

    Edit: Spelling

  7. My hunch is that the value rise in XRP that we saw in Jan was mostly fuelled by speculation. That is ok for the short-term, but it would be nice if there was also some solid fundamentals to support long-term price growth.


    Most of you already know the rationale behind some of these fundamentals (e.g. faster transaction, unlocking liquidity otherwise trapped in nostro/vostro accounts…). These all form part of the reason why we invested.


    But the number that makes me uneasy is the fact that Ripple currently have approximately 54 billion XRP in escrow (see https://ripple.com/xrp/market-performance/).

    Some very basic calcs here:


    a) Recent interviews given by senior members at Ripple suggest they are looking at this project in terms of 3-5 years.


    **Let’s assume that it moons in 4 years time**


    b) Currently 1 billion XRP is taken out each month from escrow and made available. Looking at this thread (https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/816aa8/escrow_return/) it looks like they are returning about 80-90% back into escrow at the end of the month.


    **Let’s be optimistic and say that, on average, between now and moon time (in 4 years) they only return 50% of each monthly release back into escrow**


    c) This means by the time we moon, Ripple still has 30 billion XRP in its account.


    **Looking then at the numbers people are hoping for (10USD – 100USD). This suggests that by the time we see XRP being used by the major financial institutions – Ripple has assets between 300 USD billion and 3 USD trillion.** This doesn’t even take into consideration all the money it makes selling XRP in the four years leading up to the moon.


    Comparing this to SWIFT’s annual report (see https://www.swift.com/about-us/financials), we see that their operating profit in 2016 was about 30 USD million. The disparity between these two numbers is something I find hard to reconcile.


    **Please do throw bricks at this very basic analysis – I want someone with more knowledge than me to quell my concerns!**

  8. The entire crypto-market value is manipulated in the same way the rest of International Finance is manipulated and somehow, some way, all the XRPs owned by all the Richie-Rich’s are going to escalate in value and everything I own is going to become increasingly worthless.

  9. Rumors that the govt is going to nationalize the entire crypto market will drive prices way down. When they actually do it, and criminalize private crypto ownership, they’ll offer cash-outs at 10% of the last listed price.


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