1. The price right now is pure speculation due to FUD/FOMO/news cycles

    Once critical mass adoption and utilisation of XRP is realised, the operational token consumption and holdings of FI/Banks will then drive the price up as it will dwarf current movement of tokens which are 99% speculative investors pushing tokens around.

    If a bank wants to move even as low as 10 mil around a day, it will need 10m XRP at current market price. So to stabilise the price the ppu needs to end up being a LOT higher so that 1000 banks/FIs moving shit loads of money around does not effect much change in value of XRP, I hope Ripple has some mechanisms in play to help stablise the utilisation and adoption will be significantly hindered by price swings and unfortunately the speed at which XRP can be traded is causing the value swing to be exceptionally fast.

    In Dec I watched the price tank from AUD .95 to .6 in less than 15 seconds, that does not instill confidence


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