PSA: “Bitcoin Core” is not a cryptocurrency


It is the name of a software implementation of the Bitcoin protocol – the protocol for the cryptocurrency ‘Bitcoin’.
Anyone can make a different node program similar to Bitcoin Core, as long as it follows the protocol (consensus) rules. This is analagous to there being multiple web browsers for the http-protocol.

Some people dont seem to understand this.


  1. Well, it’s not that simple. Bitcoin Core is the _reference implementation_, i.e, it is what defines the protocol. Thus it’s valid to refer to the result of that reference as “Bitcoin Core”.

    If there had been a “Bitcoin specification” that others could adhere to, regardless of the software implementation of Bitcoin Core, then I would agree with you completely.

  2. Would you give a shit if money wasn’t involved? I’d wager you wouldn’t.

    Bitcoin Core is a collective of some of the brightest people on the planet…

    Pro-tip: there are already over 1,500 other copies of Bitcoin, genius.

  3. Put more simply, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Core is the client software for Bitcoin.

    Anyone that calls Bitcoin as Core or Bitcoin Core are technically inept or are noobs that have been hoodwinked over at that other subreddit

  4. This thread doesn’t make sense.

    It’s like posting: “PSA: Windows is not Internet”.

    Just by posting this, you’re validating a theory made with someone with a brain injury.


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