John Oliver on Last Week Tonight sours on EOS


John Oliver hosts a very popular comedy show on recent events. His episode last night investigated cryptocurrencies as it’s main segment (20+ min).

In it, he made fun of Brock Pierce and EOS for a few solid minutes, capping it off by mentioning that EOS will never be with $1.5 billion as it’s claims are ludicrous.

The piece as a whole is surprisingly balanced and fair. He urges caution in investing in these new and wild markets, noting that blockchain tech could be massive. But there are many scams and frauds, one of which is likely EOS.



  1. It seemed unfair for him to refer to EOS as not having a product when there is a testnet out. It’s at the very least a misrepresentative oversimplification. (DAN IF YOU’RE READING THIS LET JOHN OLIVER KNOW THERE’S A TESTNET OUT, WE BOTH KNOW THAT’S MOST DEFINITELY SOMETHING HE WOULD WANT TO BE MADE AWARE OF.)

    Other than that, his concerns seem to stem from the involvement of Brock Pierce, which is the focus of most of his criticism and ridicule.

  2. It was a very superficial review of eos. He spent more time criticizing brock pierce than really explaining eos. It did nothing to dissuade me from believing in eos and the future potential. I think to really understand eos you have to put it in the context of blockchains like ethereum which wasn’t even mentioned. And once you have explained ethereum you can talk about the problems eos is trying to solve, transaction fees, transactions per second, ease of launching dapps, account recovery. He could have mentioned the funds being used to build a dapp ecosystem on the platform. They clearly just did a quick review and found things they didnt like or would be easy sticking points for the uninformed. The points about it being a gamble are completely valid and i am sure a lot of people have lost a lot of money. That is true for any investment or gamble. There will be winners and losers. Personally my investment in eos has come from profits in other cryptocurrencies so i am fine with any outcome.

  3. John does entertainment pieces. He makes them seem fair and balanced, but honestly, they are written by professionals to sound good and funny but there’s no rebuttal process and the research is very minimal. His blatherings will come and go just like all the other FUD out there.

  4. I thought it was a pretty good piece. People will be crying FUD but Oliver has a team that researches the topics. I don’t have any EOS, so I don’t care that he ripped on it. Brock Pierce certainly looks like a DOUCHE. Overall it was just about being cautious with crypto, as people should be.

  5. Obviously Brock was an easy target for comedy.

    Some nuance they didn’t include about the reason why is avoiding any presumption they’re going to develop EOS past the end of the ICO. The threat of EOS being labeled a security by regulators would mean if things went sour in crpyto, they’d be left with a check for $1.5bn.

    The comparisons with Uber and Facebook are valid, but he didn’t mention their success lead to the environment of hyper inflated tech valuations we live in today. EOS should never be worth 1.5bn, but What’s App is worth $21bn?

  6. I mean, of course he made fun of Brock Pierce. Just look at the guy! I’m pretty sure Brock has offered me molly at a party before.

    I’m not saying EOS is a scam. Honestly I think that Dan Larimer has the best intentions for the project and is a fairly honest guy. But having Brock Pierce associated with your project is just giving bullets to your enemies. Hopefully someday EOS blooms into some righteous tech, but before then just get rid of the people who obviously have substance abuse problems.


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