1. yeah same man, theres something very satisfying about seeing your bitcoin on a wallet on your phone, and knowing its going from you, direct to the person.
    With no bank taking a fee or deciding if youre good for it.

    I know a few bar owners who are beginning to enquire a lot to me, and i keep telling them, they dont need to buy, just start earning it by letting people pay with it. Cut out the bank taking that processing fee and chargeback risks

  2. Bitcoin is an outstandingly easy way of payment – especially (but not only) for cross-border transactions. The experience would be even better if businesses accepted Bitcoin natively without the fiat conversion crap. But this will need some time to happen…
    For now any business that accepts Bitcoin is a big win for our free decentralized market money.

  3. What responses do you usually get? I ask almost everywhere but often I am told no, or get confused looks or get “Yes” only to find out they assumed that was some kind of credit card and end up saying no ( that was the most disapointing! At waves no less ).

  4. Bad money drives out good money, a phenomenon known as Gresham’s law. Gresham’s law is why trying to push bitcoin as a medium of exchange right now (instead of a store of value) will not work (very well). That will come eventually.

    Below is a great article I think you’d love.

    #I’m Hoarding Bitcoins, and No You Can’t Have Any

    ^^by ^^Daniel ^^Krawisz

    **If You Sell Bitcoins, You Aren’t “Selling” Bitcoins**

    I’m sure you’ve heard a story like this. “I’ve been going to all the local stores and telling them how awesome Bitcoin is! But none of them wants to take payments in Bitcoin! Why don’t they like it?”

    Let’s think about that for a minute. You are essentially telling the merchant, “Hey look at this totally awesome thing that I want to get rid of! You should trade me some stuff for it!” Not actually much of a sales pitch, is it? Why would the merchant want something that you, apparently, don’t want? If you really want him to start accepting bitcoins himself, ask him, “Do you take worthless paper money at this store? Good, because you’re not getting a satoshi from me!” That will convince him that you think they’re valuable.

    How about this instead? Tell your local merchants that you want to be able to spend cash in their stores and get the change in bitcoins. That’s the kind of store I’d like to shop at. And then when the merchant later says “I’m not going to do that anymore. I want you to pay me in bitcoins!” you know he’s become a true hoarder.

    **Hoarders Give Bitcoin Value**

    The initial price of bitcoin was caused by people who wanted to hold it, not people who wanted to spend it. Furthermore, each subsequent step in Bitcoin’s advance must begin with more holders, not more spenders. The business that…

    would you like to know [more](http://nakamotoinstitute.org/mempool/im-hoarding-bitcoins-and-no-you-cant-have-any/)?

  5. What happens when merchants who are “hodling” start dumping on the exchanges, though? Right now they have no reason to accept Bitcoin other than the promise that it will be worth more in a few months


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