I built a stateless (no database) blockchain explorer to run alongside my BTC node. It’s open source and I hope it’s useful to others who enjoy running their own nodes.


I built this tool because I wanted to use it myself. I hope others find it useful to explore not just the blockchain but also the capabilities of their nodes.


It runs as a node.js app and communicates via RPC to your node. The source code and instructions for running are available on [github](https://github.com/janoside/btc-rpc-explorer).

Aspects were inspired by a similar tool by JornC on github: https://github.com/JornC/bitcoin-transaction-explorer. Other aspects were inspired by ChainQuery.com


  1. Nice work! Very awesome, thanks! I’ll be setting this up for my personal node at home. It will make it easier to look through the blockchain.

    Love the fact it’s stateless and relies on the raw blockchain/rpc api.

  2. somebody explain to me this whole “state” vs “stateless” thing and how it is relevant to crypto. I’m not a software dev but I’ve seen these concepts thrown around a bunch


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