Daily Ripple/XRP Discussion Thread 03/12/18 [Questions and Price Predictions]


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  1. All those announcements and partnerships that they have been publishing lately will explode in one moment. It is just impossible to play on the chessboard with such a progressive game and great team and to not win. Time.

  2. Everyone doubting Ripple & XRP and I’m just sitting here like “Hah. Fools.”.

    “XRP will never reach 10usd!!1!” How can people say this? XRP and crypto’s in general prove those people wrong again and again. Anything can happen, crypto’s are a whole different level of existing assets. We can’t comprehend it’s potential (yet).

    The Internet in the 90’s all over again. I’ll be hodling and smiling bright in 3 years. The Internet of Value will change drastically and XRP will be the one to do it.


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