Cryptocurrency payment gateway plugin for WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads. 0% transaction fees. No product restrictions. Use any wallets you want. Supports BTC, BCH, DASH, ETH, LTC, & ERC20 tokens


MyCryptoCheckout is a cryptocurrency payment gateway for WooCommerce & Easy Digital Downloads. It allows you to receive funds directly from the customers wallet into any wallet(s) of your choice.


* 0% transaction fees

* No product restrictions

* Use any wallet(s) you want: desktop, mobile or online

* Fully automated peer-to-peer transactions

* Supports Bitcoin (SegWit included), Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum (ERC-20s included), and Litecoin

* No redirection to 3rd parties, no iframes nor modal windows


*Full disclosure: I am one of the founders of MyCryptoCheckout. I also run a webshop and we created this plugin so a 3rd party was not forcing us to use a specific wallet, and so the coins would go directly from the customer wallet to the webshops wallet rather than to a 3rd party processors wallet in the middle.*


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