A question that leaves me baffled, can private key length change?


I have a MEW with some tokens and eth in it. I stored it away cold for a while and only kept the private key and as a guarantee, I took a photo of the private key as a back up.
Here’s the interesting part. So I’ve now gone on to MEW to send those tokens else where, bu when I enter my private key, it doesn’t seem to be longer enough.

Is it possible that over a various network upgrades or for any other reason that the required private key length for MEW would change?

I’m frustrated that I have these tokens (and I can see they are there using the public address) but I can access them.


  1. I suppose it’s possible that some tools (or some versions of tools) choose to display leading zeros and some don’t? You could try adding leading zeros to pad out the length.

    What _is_ the length of the private key in your screenshot? It should typically be 64 hexadecimal characters (perhaps with a leading `0x` in front of it).


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