61 Banks In Japan Disagree with All Fud.


I just want to point out that the Consortium of banks in Japan have decided to whole heartily jump into not just Ripple software but XRP, correct me of I am wrong. So I see people posting things like it won’t be used blah blah blah blah blah. It has to do this it has to do that. You know what XRP needs to do, it just needs to continue to grow with time. That’s it. You honestly think that 1 dude or even 100 dudes on the internet are smarter than million’s of dollars, Consortium of banks.

The answer is no, this is a legit company with legit goals everyone is always looking for the ripple company to bale on people. I want EVERY INVESTOR TO KNOW THIS CLEARLY!
Ripple was made for banks not people
there I said it okay let that sink in if you have any doubts then think about it. Every small time investor even though there are millions of crypto people buying into different cryptos. They are not looking at the big picture, the real world scenario. Just look at bitcoin, its not real world its really just speculation besides its intrinsic first mover advantage and cost of mining. If it wasn’t so expensive to mine it’s value wouldn’t hold it up near as high. Plus as I pointed out XRP was designed for banks but because it’s Open to the public we can choose to participate, but that is not ripple goal. Ripple cannot target something like Paypal directly or Amazon Directly they have to continue there work and wait for Paypal and Amazon to come to them. I would be really suprised if you weren’t able to buy something with XRP on Amazon buy 2021 I am guessing 2020 conservatively.

My point being Don’t look to hard into Ripple you will drive your self nuts trying to figure out everything. It’s like trying to figure out Amazon’s next move to make it worth more. Just Know the company is real and real banks are using it. These are people who go to school for business and have degrees and there is not like 20 of them. They probably including ripple have Hundreds of years, if not 1000s of Learning in Business. What does some dude on the internet say………… Nothing worth getting upset about. Just try to keep everything into perspective. If the price was rising there would be no fud.

I would also like to point out that there is a very real chance that XRP with Save Crypto space….. How?? how about being the only real world legit company in the crypto space. I don’t see any not even one hint of any bank working with Any other Crypto, if Western union was to work with bitcoin it would be 50k easily. XRP, nothing, but thats okay we don’t want a hype train we want a company and thank god for 100 billion tokens it really does help the slow natural growth.


  1. Correction:
    The 61 Japanese bank consortium is set to use Ripple tech for domestic transfers (xCurrent). Amazing first step, but I’m pretty darn sure it’s not xRapid, quite yet.


    Idk the numbers, but the savings by using XRP for domestic transfers are marginal compared to today’s system. It would be mostly redundant, besides any speed up in transfer time… big money is in international settlement. Once xRapid is up and running internationally, domestic transfers might come online, but again it’s probably negligible for cost savings.

  2. xrp didn’t go up with western unions announcement because its still a pilot. Once its live the speculation, and the actual volume produced from the xrapid transactions will shoot the price up. Xrapid sources directly from SBI VC exchange and im sure it will from many more exchanges too.


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