Bringing XRP to Telecommunication – 1.5 Trillion Dollar Market


Me and my team have been in telecommunication business for more than a decade, We have created multiple turnkey telecom operators and now own one as well.

My main business is international calls, at first it was calling cards, now as the technology has evolved we moved to apps which provide VOIP services to people who want to call abroad for cheaper prices.
Mostly these minutes are purchased from wholesale resellers who buy them from large nationwide telecom operators and resell them.

Long story short, I’m thinking about making a VOIP app for IOS and Android where people can use XRP to pay for the international calls. Like Skype out or Viber Out where instead of $ you pay with XRP.

The Second step will be to pay wholesalers with XRP, if we can achieve this, it would mean that instead of paying Monthly we could be paying daily because of the super fast and super small transaction fees and this will let us get minutes much cheaper and to be more competitive on the market.

If this method proves itself, it can be a signal to a whole 1.5 Trillion dollar industry to get on board and you can imagine the impact it will have on Ripple.

At the moment technically we have everything ready, we could launch in 2 weeks.

I’m thinking about it as a fun weekend project, if anyone has suggestions or wants to partner up just let me know.



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