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  1. My portfolio is on fireeeeeee right now. Loving this. Bring me some heat for this cold weather. Lemme feel the burnnnnnn. Ohhhh yeahhh baby. I’m holding on. What a TIME TO BE ALIVE!!!!

  2. Moral of the story: Not one single person has a clue what’s going on. They used to use the term “ throwing darts “ , now we use the term “ Blowing sharts”. Who’s got extra pants for me?

  3. I know everyone is getting cold feet cause of the crash but i believe in all the tech behind the good cryptos. I get it if you invested a lot of money and to see it just disappear is pretty disappointing but some of this tech can change the way the world works. Keep that in mind.

  4. If BTC hits 6k I’ll post a video of me stealing my dads credit card and buying 50k worth of BTC

    Edit: If this comment gets 200 up votes I’ll post a 2nd video of me telling him what I did

  5. Serious question: what do you guys think of the possibility that we might be entering a multi-year bear market? BTC hasn’t lost this large of a *share* of it’s value since…**gulps**…2014-15. Obviously back then, Bitcoin *was* essentially the entire crypto market, but Ethereum has lost over half its value since its ATH as well. Those two alone still determine the direction of the crypto market, period. I mean a long-term bear isn’t going to scare me off my any means, but what are y’all’s thoughts?

  6. What is the proper way to evaluate the value of a crypto company. For example what is the value of Vechain? For publically traded companies you can take the value of the stocks but I don’t think crypto marketcap has the same meaning.

    Also, I don’t understand how some of these cryptos which are not forms of currency but rather methods of communicating with the blockchain will actually work later if everyone buys up their tokens.

  7. Ok. I am not the best TA trader but, both 1D RSI and Stochastic RSI are oversold. The last time that happened was in June last year when it went from 400 to 200. So, in theory the bottom shouldnt be too far away!?

  8. Multi year bear market happend when bitcoin had 80% + market share. Those days are gone. The only trading pair for alts were bitcoin. Those days are gone too. I can see the future bringing more fiat/new pairings. That will finally decouple alts from bitcoin.

    Crypto as a whole cant grow if it is dependend on one coin. Fuck, nothing can grow on its own if its future is depended on something else.

    Everybody keep saying we need bitcoin to be healthy for the market to be healthy. Fuck that. We dont need bitcoin to be healthy. We need a market that works independently from bitcoin

  9. Whats gunna double the quickest after this turns around? I have some NEO i bought very cheap and i dont think it will double very quickly from here since that would mean an ATH…

    Any ideas? Was thinking: FUN, ENG, POE.

    if iota drop to near a dollar that might be the best bet.

  10. I was considering whether or not to Tether or go to GDAX and liquidate to sit out what could be another crash down to 6k. Then I looked at how much my alts have tanked relative to BTC. Even if I sold them all now, then sold/tethered my BTC, I’d be locking in huge losses. If BTC dropped to 6k or more, I’d still likely not make enough money to recoup those losses.

    We need a flippening.


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