Twitter Lisk App – every tweet, like, retweet would cost money?


Lisk is definitely one of my favorite projects. Hold since $2.5.
Javascript, sidechains, team… it’s all good.

A few days ago I saw an interview with Dan Larimer (EOS/STEEM).

He says in the interview “Users don’t want to pay money for a like every time”.
I totally agree with him.

If I now create a new twitter with Lisk, every tweet, like, retweet would cost money, right? Even if it’s only 0.001c, I think that’s a problem.

What do you think?


  1. blockchain is disruptive tech. Why not disrupt paradigms of “free” platforms? I wouldn’t “want” to pay, but perhaps that could change if I were made more painfully aware of the ramifications of “free” platforms.


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