1. If you just plan on holding for a while, then now was a perfectly good time. Will it ever be lower than where you bought it? Almost certainly, but if you just let it simmer for a year or 2 you won’t even remember the time when VEN was single digits.

  2. We’re at a local high from the last few days, but we’re still in a dip. Looks like bear market might finally be cooling off. VEN has a long long way up to go still. This is still a very good time to get in

  3. My completely unprofessional opinion is that this project sees $10 by midyear, $15-20 by end of year. Their professionalism, business experience at the leadership level, and insane amount of already-established business partnerships around the world speak volumes. They really epitomize the “Speak low and carry a big stick” mentality. To paraphrase another redditor’s post from earlier today: “VeChain consistently underpromises and overperforms, something atypical in the current crypto landscape.”

    Get in while the gettin’s good.

  4. I got in about a month ago and today the price is pretty much the same. I’ve been sitting around in VeChain for a month and people buying today are getting in at the same price as me.


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