Launched a new blockchain education podcast today! :)


We are happy to announce that the first three episodes of “Breaking Down the Blockchain” are now available on all familiar podcast listings.

This is a podcast hosted by Scott Thayer and Filip Zadro.
The world is on the brink of a new dawn for the Internet and there is a major driving force behind it. Enter, The Blockchain. It enthralls us and we want to know more about it every single day. We read reddit, whitepapers, articles, and learn technical details so you don’t have to; we enjoy it too! Our mission is to bring concise, accurate, and passionate information to you once a week. Don’t worry, we are here to educate you in lay person’s terms. The blockchain and cryptocurrency can seem very overwhelming as it is a new concept for millions around the globe, here we are to break it down for you starting from the first block.

Please feel free to listen on:

Just click the link to our website in Bio, or search “Breaking Down the Blockchain” on your favorite podcast player.

Thank you for listening and please remember to tell your friends or anyone who may be interested in learning more about Blockchain technology.

The first three episodes are a little rough because we are just getting started with educating others on blockchain tech.

Email us with any concerns or comments at



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