If you had Bitcoin back in August, even if you don’t have them now, sweep your BTC Private Keys for Bitcoin Cash!


*Ladies and gentlemen, this is a repost!*


The post from /r/beermoney explains it. If you held Bitcoin during specific times, even if you moved them, **AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE PRIVATE KEY, YOU CAN GET SOME BITCOIN CASH!**

Say, if you had 1 BTC as far back in August 2017, well, to you I say, dang! That’s some good money! You’re about to have a few grands more, and to that, I say, wow…

Make sure you didn’t get rid of your private keys or still have your recovery phrase if you nuked all your BTC. After that, go to whatever Bitcoin Cash wallet you’re going to be using, and sweep the private key. There are more instructions in the /r/beermoney post.


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