Everything you need to know for the upcoming Everipedia airdrop!


**Who is eligible for the Airdrop?**

Anyone holding EOS tokens in an Ethereum wallet.

**What form is the Airdrop in?**

An Ethereum ERC-20 token.

**What will happen to the IQ tokens when EOS launches?**

The token will be converted to a native EOS token when the full EOS.io platform launches in June.

**What if my EOS is on an exchange?**

You may not receive the airdrop, no exchange has committed to granting you IQ tokens. Your best course of action would be to move the EOS to a private wallet. Be aware of withdrawal fees, if you don’t hold much EOS, the fees may outweigh the benefit of the airdrop.

**My EOS is in Exodus, how do I get my tokens?**

You will still receive the tokens, they will just not be visible through exodus. You will need to export your Exodus private key and open your wallet up through MyEtherWallet to be able to manage the tokens.

**Do I need to have registered my EOS to receive the airdrop?**

No, the airdrop will happen to everyone with EOS ERC-20 tokens.

**When will the airdrop occur?**

There has been no officially announced date beyond “Towards the end of February”.

**How many IQ tokens will I receive?**

No one knows how many they’re dropping yet, so this is undetermined at this time.

**How much will the IQ tokens be worth?**

There is no way to tell the value until it is sold in a market.

If anyone has any other points to add, please let me know.


  1. I am trading eos daily , the airdrop will happen to people who hold eos on their wallet at the time or if their wallet has eos tokens history but could have 0 eos balance at that time?

    Hope i make sense.


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