Bring back the Sparkle – Dash Lacks a Community Leader and Needs To Be More Socially Vocal, Competitive and Passionate – Come On!!!



I’ll start by congratulating the Dash Core team for their achievements with integrations, partnerships and ongoing development releases, the Dash Force News team who have been tremendous in promoting Dash and tirelessly supporting the community and all the proposal owner who have delivered on their promises in the past few months – well done to all of you for making the Dash stronger.

**The Face of Dash**

Notice that the communities who get noticed the most and have the most adoption tend to have a vocal spokesperson who people can relate to. Whether it be Fluffy Pony, Charlie Lee or Charles Hoskinson, these ‘leaders’ pull other people into the community. We have Amanda B Johnson but she is not being utilised effectively imo. It was no coincidence that Dash went big on the back of hours and hours of videos from Amanda. Ryan is the business face of Dash and it is not his place to mingle. Evan is, well, we don’t know where Evan is (HIGH up a tree maybe!?).

We either need Amanda back to doing what she does best or someone else who is as equally as enticing to champion Dash with great videos, inspiring tweets and who gets actively involved with the community. I will give credit where it is due here to the Dash Force News team – they have worked tirelessly for months in the community. We are seriously missing someone like Amanda in the community. I seriously believe that if Amanda had not stepped out last year that Dash would still be in the top 10 on coinmarketcap today.

We gained one thing with DFN and lost something else – the metaphorical sparkle in Dash’s eyes dissappeared when Amanda went and it has not yet come back.

**Some Home Truths**

You can choose to shoot the messenger as much as you like, and I do care if you do shoot the messenger, not because I care about what you think of me, but because you are then focusing on the wrong things instead of the problems at hand.

People don’t really like the truth when it is critical of them or the things they cherish. They would rather come up with reasons why someone else is wrong for being critical or conclude that “these things” don’t matter instead of opening their minds, looking at the bigger picture and objectively acknowledging that things are not so great.

To sum things up: **There is a problem with the Dash community that needs addressing – it is vocally inept, seriously lacking in passion and enthusiasm and seems to rely on the Core Team and the treasury to fix all its problems**

Before you go off on the offensive about how Dash is like all other communities, we only need to see some stats to show how uninviting Dash is to outsiders:

See the total subscribers tab:

Basically, we struggle to pull subscribers to the subreddit while other crypto communities subscription numbers have sky rocketed, increasing to significant highs.

Now, I know what some of you are going to say:
*”But we’re not trying to attract people who are already in to crypto, the nerds and the geeks and the libertarians. We’re aiming for mainstream adoption, Joe and Jospephine public!”*

Well, let me point something out you knuckleheads – **r/cryptocurrency subscribers went up from 25k at the start of 2017 to over half a million as of today – these ARE the people from outside the cryptocommunities that we were and should still be aiming to attract to Dash – there are at least some of your Joe’s and Josephine’s stuck in that no-mans land, just waiting to be rescued by a project they can get on board with – too many are sidestepping Dash for other projects.**

If the Dash community were sports fans on a match day, they would be some of the worst fans in the league.

*Come on a skateboard,
You must have come on a skateboard,
Come on a skaaate-booord!
You must have come on a skaaate-booord.*

**United we Stand, Divided we Fall**

Part of the problem is how the Dash community is ‘structured’. When people work for the Core Team they tend to stop contributing their thoughts and opinions, that raw energy, to the community. I’m not saying that they are not passionate about Dash and don’t focus that passion into their work, but the passion and social interactions that the rest of the community can thrive upon is no longer there. They can’t relax around the rest of the community and say how they really feel. It’s like there is a wall between those who work on the Core Team and rest of the community. That doesn’t feel like a real community to me – it feels like one that is divided!

This is a shame for obvious reasons – but mainly because the Core Team members and the wider community don’t get to converse freely or fluidly with each other and this takes away a big element of the collectivness and the shared ideas/discussions that are found in abundance with other crypto communities.

With the exception of around 10-15 hard core contributors (well done to you), who are generally found on the Dash Discord, here, or writing Dash articles, the Dash community on the whole is seriously lacking enthusiasm.

**Missing Tricks**

The community also seem to be missing a few tricks that I see in other crypto communities. For example, a few weeks ago there was a thread in r/cryptocurrency that was massively upvoted to start using the tag #paywithcrypto.

#PayWithCrypto from CryptoCurrency

Maybe I should have posted my thoughts on the Dash subreddit but instead I used the dash discord to say we should start promoting the use of #PayWithDash and was basically told it was not worth it and it’s better to stick with the generic term #PayWithCrypto… guess what, Litecoin now have a community driven campaign to use #PayWithLitecoin and it’s being used all over social media by their community.

I’m @litecoindad and I started a #PayWithLitecoin on twitter a few days ago. Today Charlie retweeted me and used the hashtag! from litecoin

When I see that the the growth of other communities outpacing Dash’s it makes me wonder why are the Dash community generally so lack-luster and seemingly rejecting of new idea’s (and I’m not talking about sponsorship of MMA fighters, etc) compared to other cryptocurrency projects?


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