After months of searching, I think I have finally found a good Cryptocurrency portfolio manager: **Digital Golgi**


Throughout the last few months, I have seen the development of **Digital Golgi**, an automated portfolio management for digital assets. So far it is only in its beta but I still actively use it to rebalance/organizing, and it has proved to be very useful.

Link: (A concise 1 min video that gives an overview of our product).

Link of Website:

Here is a list of the features it includes:

-**Automatic rebalancing tool** that allows you to rebalance your entire portfolio from one platform, without having to change exchanges or go through the hassle of long conversions.

-Go straight from **USD/USDT to Alt-Coins,** with the click of a single button

-Ability to **liquidate** (turn all or some of your assets into USD/USDT)

-**Community sentiment scanner-** using an algorithm sequence this tool scans reddits to see how strong/weak the community of the targeted coin is.

-**Sound Bites**- Creates an audible version of the top white-papers for those who don’t have time to read.

-**Coin Profile-** Gives a short overview of coins with links to key resources necessary to understand how different cryptos work.

-**Pattern Recognition** – A Momentum Indicator that uses algorithm to analyzes current pricing to other similar patterns within the coins history. It then averages the future prices of each pattern and shows a weighted average deviation point as an indicator.

-**World Map** – Shows the political sentiment of all major countries and how it will affect cryptos.

-**Risk management** – set stop/loss ; take profit ; trailing stop loss

-Automatic **transfer tool** (to transfer assets through different exchanges)

-**Trade View**: allows you to see a list of your assets next to daily charts and trade directly from this screen, within different exchanges

-**World Map**: Allows you to see the political sentiment of cryptos throughout different countries. Includes info on where coins are based out of and where the majority of investors are from.

–**More features added on a daily/weekly basis!!**

Within the last few months, they have made tremendous progress. Every day they continue to add new additions to the website.

This should be a **community based** project! Does anybody have any problems they face when trading or any **feedback** on the platform? Any feedback about the platform would be great, as it could help the developers to incorporate features that the community actually wants. Every time I come up with a new idea I message the developers and they are quick to start working on it. I can only imagine how much they can do with ideas from the whole community.

The creators are determined to make this work, and will continue to work until this idea is fully blooming. You can see on their roadmap ( how much progress they have made in such a short period of time.

TL;DR : A crypto management platform that allows users to organize all their assets throughout different exchanges on one page. The tools basically make us better equipped/more efficient/smarter investors. Any feedback on the platform would be GREATLY appreciated, as it is a community-based project.



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