A note regarding Vote Brigading r/cryptocurrency


So I feel it needs to be said here. We had a post on r/cryptocurrency regarding Max Kordek, doing pretty well (front page, around 130 upvotes) until somebody here posted a link to the thread, asking for upvotes. Not 5 minutes later, the r/cryptocurrency mods removed the post due to vote brigading.

Not only was asking for the upvotes wrong, but it was also counterintuitive in the end, getting the post removed altogether. PLEASE do not vote brigade posts in r/cryptocurrency, for the sake of our community’s reputation.


  1. Brigade this post LOL few of you need know this!

    You guys need to understand that sub has huge influence if you brigade your ruining Lisk itself.

    Look at vechain they got a month ban and they’re trading sideways now.


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