Why r/Ripple mods remove perfectly valid posts/comments?


If you navigate to https://r.go1dfish.me/r/ripple/about/log you can see removed posts/comments from this sub, some of them are not spam, nor FUD, why they are removed? Just a several hours ago my post (https://www.reddit.com/r/Ripple/comments/7x6ix3/xrapid_and_security_of_the_exchanges/) was removed by nvok. Also Automoderator seems has a lot of false positives.


  1. From the daily discussion thread:

    > One aspect of our subreddit is clear transparency. If you ever feel like a moderator is abusing their position of power please review their actions in our public mod logs [here](https://r.go1dfish.me/r/ripple/about/log). Make a modmail, or pm /u/Bonkill to appeal a moderator action or if you discover any issues/mods overstepping their roles.


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