Vehicle lifecycle blockchain ICO going on now


Hi guys , I’ve been looking at this ICO and after I read the whitepaper I was pleasantly surprised by their partners.
Seeing that they have UBER makes me feel excited to invest in them.
Also QIWI and IBM in their team ? This is some next level stuff
If anyone has more info on the coin please let me know


  1. My friend owns a repair shop and he wasn’t interested in block chain until he saw these guys.He said that he’s probably going to invest in them because he knows how much money they can save him.
    Me personally from a ICO stand point… I’m a big fan of the team. They seem to have some heavy weight over there

  2. Their smart contract accepts only 0.5 min ETH . That’s fine with me hopefully other investors are ok with that. I’m actually curious to see how much money they’re going to raise.
    So far we’re looking bullish on this one

  3. hello there..i have been reviewing this also last three days ago and what makes me amazed is the Blockchain benefits to all car owners,car entrepreneurs,spare parts distributors,dealers,manufacturers and the likes.i think this would be huge project.cant wait for this!


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