Cacao Shares – preSale Live! Know About it


First of all: Cacao Shares is a digital asset that enables anyone to own cacao trees of the criollo type in sur del lago, Venezuela.

This project born on Japan where Venezuelan cacao is highly appreciated, most of the Venezuelan production is exported there.

The project aims to grow a 1 million cacao trees forest where any cacao shares holders can own their own tree, follow their development and benefit from the production of them. A cacao tree can be productive a mean of 25 years and at this right moment it can bring up to 2500$ profit a year per tree once it’s developed.

On this preSale each share will cost 0.36$, that means each tree will cost 36$.

Any user will be able to assign their shares to any tree and have a total or partial benefit from them. The users will be able to follow the development through Tree Management for android (already on testing) and an iphone (on development) and each tree will be trackable since everyone will be RFID identified internally.

The user will also be able to exchange their shares before assignments.

You can know more from this project on:


Whit this preSale we are looking for early investors to support the main campaign to be realized up to 90 days after the preSale.

PD: We believe that a cacao tree is a life time gift for your love that’s why we choose Feb 14 (Japan time) for this preSale to start. Have a Happy Valentine’s day!


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