Live Streaming tonight?


I’ve seen some image with Chinese caption mentioning a livestream at 11 AM Beijing Time (13th of January). Does anyone know if that’s true?


It’s from Justin’s Weibo:


[Google Translate](

Seems to be a stream targetted at Asian market.


  1. At this point, I’m really hopeful they never do a livestream again. So many other very successful coin projects have never done a livestream, and do way less marketing than TRX. Justin seems to be doing quite a bit of self promotion while running TRX, obviously trying to put his name up there with the titans of Silicon Valley. But it’s not helping the TRX project.

  2. Small rant…

    Justin needs a PR person in the west. That last Livestream in English was poorly run, not structured and included a lot of unnecessary details. I don’t like the look of someone winging it. The lack of preparation, lack of partnerships, and calling Facebook your competition really puts a sour taste in the mouth of investors. For everyone supporting this project I sincerely hope Justin hires a proper representative.

    The cringe moment came when he brought up the movie and people buying hype… Why would he even say that, very unprofessional and added no value. I want a gantt chart with milestones to develop the business use cases.

    Edit down voting the truth won’t make it any less real… Constructive criticism makes for better improvement. Explain why you think I’m wrong, make the effort

  3. need a break from staring at the chart? click the link above and have google translate the page, you will have such amazing content like:

    “Those who are quilt, their own brain problems, waves are 200 times the chase, should be quilt”

    “Ready to harvest leeks”

    “Leeks came to me to the top”

    “Mars disciples and disciples began to fight”

  4. We need someone commenting Live with the live stream pretending to translate into english and only saying good things:

    “We are happy to announce we have partnered with Facebook and SpaceX.

    There will be a 75% coin burn tomorrow.

    TRX is set to be universal curreny of ASIA.

    We expect to hit bitcoin prices next week.

    Our digital doggy game expected to be twice as popular as Pokemon.

    Free 10,000 TRX airdrops for everyone.”


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