🍍 Pineapple Fund: Teaching critical thinking, integrated healthcare; and let’s do something world-changing, TOGETHER ❤️


Hello! I’m back with another update to the Pineapple Fund. With Christmas and New Years out of the way, PF is ramping up and looking to finish reviewing all applications and get back to shortlisted charities in the coming week.

If you’ve applied and haven’t heard back yet, we’re still going through them! There’s been more than 10,000 applications; thank you volunteers for PF <3

* [Quill.org](https://www.quill.org/) is helping 700k students learn writing and grammar, with their free tools. We donated $1 million to help them develop a new open source educational model that teaches kids critical thinking and sentence comprehension.

* We donated $1 million to [Possible](https://possiblehealth.org/), an organization delivering integrated and scalable healthcare in Nepal. Possible uses data to optimize a hospital-to-home care system, and is backing it with a long-term revenue source, to build a scalable model that scale for millions to access quality healthcare.

* We’re making donations to the Software Freedom Conservancy, home to projects like Git, Homebrew, QEMU, and Selenium; and Wings for Conservation, which is providing aerial support against elephant poachers in Chad.

* [B2C2](https://www.b2c2.com/) has graciously offered to exchange bitcoins for PF charities **at cost**. This is an incredibly generous offer, so I think they deserve a shoutout! If you’re looking to cash out (or cash in), skip the exchanges and check out B2C2 🙂 /u/zanetackett

Pineapple Fund has been mentioned on the New York Times, and even FDA staff has heard about us!

We have 3800 BTC more to donate, but I would love to involve the entire cryptocurrency community with the opportunity to fully fund a promising and world-changing breakthrough project; from an established and highly respected charity.

Remember when Dogecoin raised funds for a [Dogecar to NASCAR](https://i.redd.it/jjb7pau8ww0z.jpg)? We can do something massive and world changing. In a few years, someone close to you could have their life changed with this project, and you’ll know that you helped bring it to this world.

I’m sorry for making ‘announcement of an announcement’, but I’ll be announcing it in two days (Jan 10) with the details. I’m extremely excited, and I hope you’ll find it too!


🍍 Pine


  1. Check out openlittermap.com – a litter mapping citizen science game to map and open up data on plastic pollution anywhere and pay people for their efforts in littercoin.

    There are currently over 50 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans, 50 times more than the number of stars in our galaxy- much of which is only starting to degrade into microplastics. By 2025 it is expected there will be 70 million tonnes of plastic entering the sea. By 2050 it is expected there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Mapping and Opening up data on the pre-marine terrestrial characteristics of plastic pollution is one of the most realistic ways to mitigate this threat however few cities/people are interested in revealing the pollution caused by the products of private companies.

    Despite 100s of millions of smartphones and considering the abundance of littered cigarette butts, plastic bottles etc., litter mapping is a geospatial revolution waiting to take off in 2018.

    But it needs support! For a list of updates since the launch in April 2017 see instagram.com/openlittermap


  2. How about a charity concert with a set list from award-winning artists whose songs adhere to the underlying principles of Blockchain-tech? Songs about freedom, trust, unity, hope, etc.

    I also think you’ve done such a wonderful job. Thank you for your generosity to those charities.🙂

  3. the united nation has the world food programme running. They dont waste their money on advertisment. thats why nobody knows about it.

    if you donate to them it will do the best. because they dont use 50% of the donations for salaries or advertisment.

    they spent everything directly where it is needed, at countries with massive hungeer

  4. Please consider Midnight Discovery. No, it is not a Buzz Word charity like “Dog Rights” or “Humans for Happiness”. It is an education charity of a highly different nature than most are use to.

    What is Midnight Discovery?

    Midnight Discovery is the combination of several complex political beliefs organized in such a way as to create highly impacting community change, using very few resources. While the objectives are grand, the process is quite simple, low-cost, profitable for participants, and people building.

    What we do is meet (originally weekly, now monthly), in the same location, in which we line the walls with the topics of discussion (not a restaurant, or public venue). Some would refer to this type of environment as a Grotto. The general topics are :

    * Business, People, & Money Management

    * Technology & Work Place Development (primarily Block Chain related)

    * Philosophy, Religion, Global Politics, and Community Development.

    Unlike a typical Bitcoin ‘meet up’, this is a Sit Down situation, and is a bit more serious and involved. Much like a business meeting. Largely, we attempt to follow Benjamin Franklin’s Junto, and guides to Powerful Goodness, which loosely means everyone contributing and teaching, not just listening.

    Originally, I was going to charge $20 and give these funds to whomever was making the presentation for the day, and provide food and drink. However, this is not legal (can’t give away food), and topics tended perpetually toward price discussion of Crypto, and not the more serious topics. Granted, 2017 was a crazy year.

    Since then, I’ve changed the setup to no longer charge, but instead assign work to participants to prepare for the following meeting, in a Power Point Format. This has proven successful. Likewise, I assign members to attend other Bitcoin meet ups in near by areas, to help people network within the Region.

    How is this different from other Non Profits?

    1) Rather than give people money, we teach them how to make themselves money through improved knowledge, motivation, and business understanding. The immediate objective is to teach people how to acquire lots of money, which stimulates participation, empowerment, and independence.

    2) We are a ‘self taught’ organization. Rather than have foreign lectures speak, we prepare lectures, share them with each other, take turns leading, share them with neighboring communities, and share them with the internet. This process builds confidence, and self motivation. Through such a method, any community anywhere can learn anything quite quickly, if they have the desire.

    3) By having an explicit political inclination, we teach our members that they control the destiny of the world. By conquering restrictive Education, Work Place hopelessness, passive Leadership, and Global confusion, our members begin to realize that they are part of a Political system that moves the world. Through combining Block Chain Technology, Community Collectives, Business Development, & Philosophical Thought, I hope that our members begin to realize they are replacing all functions of modern government, in terms of the positive impact governments can create.

    Lastly, part of this initiative was to fix a 3 fold weakness I have perceived within Block Chain technology, which I hope community leaders are wise enough to see and plan for properly. Those are:

    1) The Power of Misinformation – Over reliance on Reddit, Twitter, Bitcoin (.com), & News Article makes the Block Chain community vulnerable to misinformation. By creating in person community groups which teach each other, it is less possible for a foreign source to overpower locals.

    2) The Power of Centralized Exchanges – By creating these communities, and educating them heavily, I hope that one day we get into a situation in which the attendees exchange, buy, and sell coins at the meetings rather than online. Likewise, by creating a global system, we can begin creating international commerce, completely bypassing China bans, and so on.

    3) The Power of Technological Stagnation – When a community becomes overly price focused, or reliant upon outsiders to provide for them, they become vulnerable to becoming obsolete or gouged. Through teaching people to teach themselves, each other, and to create good works, the development of Block Chain tech becomes less centralized and less possible for a State to subvert through industrial espionage.

    The only solution I see through is to create well organized, networked, and productive localized communities, operating on the global level.

    Naturally, this will lead to a new form of political organization, which I suspect will be much akin to the Swiss Confederation Helvetica of today; which is to say a Direct Democracy. However, I suspect it will be a full mix of systems, frankly, each appropriate to it’s own devices.

    And for the advancement of these objectives, I put a few thousand into Midnight Discovery, Printing 6′ x 10′ large signs to hang on the street and displace my accounting and tax advertisements. I did not want to sell Bitcoin at $1,800, but also knew that this process of creating a ‘counter government’, which I believe needs to be fully operational by the end of 2019, would be a long process, so I started early.

    And for those reasons, I hope you support Midnight Discovery.

    Here is a album we created on [How to setup a Segwit Address in Bitcoin Core](https://imgur.com/a/qTCUd) and a Basics of Bitcoin power point presentation in the works.

    Thank you for your time, and reading my comment 🙂 – [Our Last Meeting](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bI1a-UT-zyQ&feature=youtu.be&t=25m53s)

  5. I’ve got a couple:

    SENS: Let’s extend life. I know some people do not want to live longer than 80 or so years. But let’s give people the chance, if they want to, to live well past 100 and into their 200s and 300s. Life is fun! Why accept that it has to end after 80 or so years? That is such a small period of time.

    Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): We need more freedom online. https://www.eff.org/

  6. Funnily enough I contacted the charity I put forward and I think they miss understood the post on the website as they though short listed applicants would be announced before January. I have corrected them on this, I hope that was OK The charity is called Breathe for Cameron and they provide schools with emergency inhalers, spacers and training to help support asthmatic children. They encourage them to take part in sports and take control of their condition not letting it control them and inspiring them to be the best they possibly can be while having the life saving equipment they need. I have following them since they set up in 2015 after they lost their son to an asthma attack while he was a football training. Brilliant little charity that could use the support take a look http://www.facebook.com/breathecharity or http://breathecharity.org.uk/about-us1/

  7. Hey,

    1) you(all) are amazing, keep up the good work! <3

    2) please consider donating to [Code to Inspire](http://codetoinspire.org/), they are a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is doing some amazing things in the way of eduction about computer science and cryptocurrency!

    (I didn’t see the site and application process until now so my recco is not in there (it is in a comment in your initial announcement thread), so I will monitor to get an application in those channels when they reopen).

  8. Hey Pine,

    Amazing work you’re doing here. Something that would actually be really cool is a website that lists the donations you’ve made so far and why, along with some useful information for other people, such as ‘donating cryptocurrencies to x location – taxes’ etc.

    Doesn’t have to be anything major but a simple wordpress site would do it, twitter account for people to follow and keep up to date on things.

    Just a thought though.


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