Why I think Tron is bullshit


First and foremost, I am a crypto investor, a tech enthusiast, and a developer. I have recently invested in whatever Reddit has been shilling, which includes TRON. Now, don’t get me wrong, this coin has gotten me great returns thus far, but after a closer examination of its whitepaper and marketing, I am seriously doubting the legitimacy of this project.

Here are some specifics about the marketing that has caught my attention:

– the amount of futuristic buzzwords and abbreviations like “Great Voyage” or “Star Trek” to capture attention

– the recent partnership with game.com, which appears impressive, but is a shitty website recently created to promote TRON. Its only game, Cryptodoggies, is very superficial with almost no feature except the ability to purchase virtual pets with TRON. Take a look for yourself.

In its whitepaper:

– 35% of coins go to the founders, while 10% of the initial coins go to Peiwo, a startup recently created by the founder of TRON.

– TRON claims that Peiwo is China’s largest music content community with 10 million users and 1 million daily users, and will soon support TRX. This is a blatant lie; Peiwo is similar to game.com, a buzzword startup created by Justin to campaign this coin. Its App Store release only has 2,000 total reviews. Again, you can take my word or do some Googling for yourself.

Anyways, I encourage you all to do some research on this coin, and let me know if you agree or disagree!

Edit: upon some further digging, I have found similar concerns from other Redditors that didn’t seem to raise any attention:


  1. got me digging a little. I got on this Peiwo kick and they seem pretty legitimate. from Forbes: Peiwo has introduced a host of channels for users to make like-minded friends, with online games, talent shows and live streaming. It has matched more than 4 billion chats to date. Sun became Davos Global Shaper in 2014 and was the former representative of Bitcoin settlement platform Ripple in China.

    seems like it’s up and coming social media thing. It’s not small by any means. Anyone know anyone in China that’s legit used this?

  2. You have some valid points and Im concerned in the recent rise of tron as well. It kind of doesnt seem fair to all the other currencies. But then when you think about it, what do the other currencies have to offer? Tron has a transparent founder whos put his reputation on the line. The market for Tron platform is China and that’s huge. As youve already stated they have game.com which is a wonderful domain name which can attract a lot of players. Cryptodogs is a nice game that can give tron some actual use where as something like ada is still vaporware. The market is crazy to me regardless of all the developments tron has been having lately. Peiwo may not be facebook but at least its something. And I think investors saw that in Tron.

    Edit: To conclude, although you have valid points you’re being unreasonable by calling it bullshit

  3. I always know it’s bullshit. Still bought it because sun is good at hyping them I sold it for short term profit. Don’t question my ethics I’m just testing people’s reaction. Good analysis.

  4. I sold out of tron when I realized its a massive Ponzi. Its a kid with a twitter account and a ton of followers preying on the masses. I see people say they bought it because it costs 4C others bought it literally because of the name. The owner said he wouldn’t take out his coins until 2022 which is complete bullshit hes probobly selling them all now before people figure it out.

    He said Game.com will use TRX but Game.com is doing its own ICO. This is the biggest ponzi since fucking Bitconnect. I try to spread the word and no one listens so I do not feel bad for anyone about to lose a ton of money.

  5. Justin Sun owns game.com, btw. This entire project is complete horseshit. All this hype started when he posted a photo of himself with Jack Ma of Alibaba. There was never even a chance of a partnership between the two, but Justin Sun will post ANYTHING that makes his project look legit. This is all hype, and it unfortunately proves that people with more money than brains will fall for anything, just like religion, homeopathy, life-coaching and hydrogen cell vehicles. God dammit this shit is tiring.

  6. The market cap is indeed ridiculous -initially I held it and only ducked out just before the recent moon. Not bitter at all cause the community itself is fantastic….glad some folks in there made some money, well deserved.

    As a product, well I can’t disagree with you. But then again it could be worth its value given the contacts Justin has…..long way off, given your points.

    However this also applies to many alts in the top 100 by market cap- little utility, little chance of future utility- it’s where the skeptic in me agrees with the critics of cryptocurrency that maybe it is bubble waiting to burst…..

    Hype sells unfortunately, it’s the workings of the world generally. Have a high profile charasmatic figurehead on the product – it sells. The workings of the world unfortunately.

    …I lol was ill educated on the technicalities of cryptos still a noob compared to many many others.

  7. By hiding under the guise of a Chinese market he’s been able to dupe so many people, the site info on Peiwo is sketchy as hell and all of the traffic derive from North America which rebukes his claim that it’s some big hub for Chinese music. It’s all a big hoax

  8. With a name like TRON, I knew it would be big just on the name alone. That’s why I bought some. I recently sold and don’t care how high it goes. But yeah, I couldn’t find anything behind this project.

  9. /biz/ coins

    chinese coin creators shill hard on biz, biz is greedy wants to make x100, biz buys it, creating more shills

    biz shills go on reddit, shill their shitcoin hard causing massive fomo, reddit buys it, creating more shills

    reddit shills go out to twitter and facebook and shill that shit to normies, normies are dumb and will buy anything if you tell em itll make them money

    chinese coin creators dump all the way up. whoever buys last is left holding the bag

    just go on /biz/ check out which coins are being hyped today and a couple days from now itll be all over reddit.

    tl:dr its /biz/ shitcoin hotpotato (tron, verge, chainlink, req and dozen others)

  10. Oh boy. This exactly is the problem with this reddit. It doesn’t matter what you think or how salty anyone is in here… don’t you realize how big Tron, Justin and his team is in asia? They are absolute giants. How do you think the price went this far and will keep growing? The shill/hate posts doesn’t affect Tron because 95% of the investors have never been to reddit and they will never see your post. If people would stop going into crypto with emotions and just act with logic for once, maybe you could earn some money. Be a ice cold killer in this one, put 1+1 together and ride this free asian wave to success. Because this train is leaving with or without you. Good luck.

  11. If you were in on the conference call yesterday, you would understand why the tokens are going down in value right now. I think TRON is going to deflate back to .03 before long and end up back in 20th place where it belongs this early in the game.


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